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The F100 is a large custom modified 4wd tracking and towing vehicle built in New Zealand By Chief Grips. It is a 1982 Ford F100 4WD. It is powered by a 6 litre petrol fueled 351 cubic inch V8. The gearbox is a four speed manual with high and low ratio with selectable four-wheel drive.

It has scaff rigging bars and built-in mounts for scaff framing and camera mounts. The deck has built-in crane mounts and eyelets for securing loads.

Tracking platforms and dropper rigs are available with arrangements made prior to booking. The vehicle comes with full set of chains and towing kit. It has a towball rated to 3.5 tons and a minimal rigging toolkit.

It also includes a built-in 9-channel truck radio transceiver.


F100 Configurations